Taxidermy Restorations

Refresh your favorite prized trophy with help from Kurt Klaus Taxidermy. Our expert in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, regularly repairs, restores, and cleans old and damaged mounts, and he knows exactly what to do for yours.

Restored Deer - Taxidermy
This mount was created using a matching pair of sheds.



After several years, your trophy mounts may require professional attention in order to restore them to their former life-like condition. Sometimes, this is just a simple cleaning, but other times involve detailed repairs. Speak with our professional for an accurate estimate.



Reconditioning Older Racks

If you or a family member has an older deer rack that was not mounted for one reason or another, bring it to us. We typically have spare capes and can provide a mount using your rack.
For example, we recently mounted a 160 class buck for a 70-year-old gentleman who shot the deer in the 1940s. He was young and couldn’t afford a mount at the time, his daughter gave me the rack and we mounted it for him for Father’s Day. Our shop also has mounted sheds using spare capes. These racks can be mounted on a board with a nameplate for a lesser price—all make great gifts.

Contact us in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, to schedule your high-quality taxidermy restorations.

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